Chapter One :Chapter 1

"Holy crap, I'm freaking awesome."

"I've finally reached the freaking 'Glory' level.”

Chen Mo held up his phone excitedly as he stood up.

He was a loyal "King of Glory" player, but his game skills were so low that he had been stuck in the "Eternal Diamond" level, going back and forth for a full four years without progressing a single star!

Finally, this curse was broken today.

Since it was his first time reaching the 'Glory' level, the game even generously gifted him three 'Star Protection' cards.

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully entering the Glory level, activating the 'Game Tycoon' system."

"Last round of battle results: 5/3/2, reward: ¥6000."

"System task being issued: Reach 'King' level and achieve fifty stars before the end of this season. Kills and assists will receive double rewards, plus there will be numerous hidden task rewards and access to more system features."

"If the host cannot complete the task by the end of the season, the system's blessing will be lost."

Suddenly, a voice sounded in Chen Mo's mind.

Looking around, Chen Mo didn't see anyone.

After a second of confusion, he immediately felt a surge of ecstatic joy!

It was the system!

Could it be, he was the chosen one!

Just when Chen Mo was excited, his mobile phone rang.

He looked down at it and immediately sucked in a breath.

【Your bank card has received 6000 yuan, the balance is 6001.8 yuan.】

"Holy cow, money is really coming in!”

"Is this a dream?"

Chen Mo vigorously slapped himself on the face, feeling a clear pain.

It's not a dream!

Usually, he toils at work, making only four to five thousand a month.

Now, just playing a game earns him 6000, more than his monthly salary!

Chen Mo looks down at his stats from the last game, doing a quick calculation.

Five kills for five thousand, meaning he gets a thousand for each kill in the game!

Two assists for a thousand, which breaks down to five hundred per assist.

If he didn't do anything else for the day, but focus on getting kills and assists in the game, he could easily make tens of thousands in a day.

With that thought in mind, Chen Mo didn't hesitate to queue for another match.

After entering the game, he picked the monkey, an assassin hero good at reaping kills.

Before, he played games to win, now he plays to earn money!

As long as he can take heads

kill enemies

, he has money!

To prevent his kills from being stolen, Chen Mo took the initiative to send a voice message to his teammates: "I'm a damn hacker. If anyone steals my kills, I'll blow up your computer."

"Hacker? A hacker who is in the diamond rank? Oh, sorry I read it wrong, you're a Gate Keeper of Stars."

"Damn it, I'm cracking up! I'm a jungler, I'll use a Lu Dan in this game, specifically to steal your kills. You'd better be careful."

"Stop acting here! If you have the skill, hack me now."

"I've never been afraid of anyone while playing this game!"

Several teammates obviously didn't accept this, each one shouting more fiercely than the last.

Listening to them, a helpless expression appeared on Chen Mo's face.

But he wouldn't mind, he is an Assassin, it's easy as turning a hand to take heads.

After cleaning the jungle area, Chen Mo quickly reached level four and began to roam around to look for opportunities to take heads.

Seeing him, the teammate on the top lane began to provoke the enemy's top lane player. Chen Mo looked at the enemy's blood line and made his move with a full set of skills!

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for taking a head, you have received a reward of RMB 1,000."

The system voice sounded.

Chen Mo couldn't help becoming more excited, that's RMB 1,000 in hand!

Decisively, he switched to attack speed boots and started to roam around the field at full speed.

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