Chapter One :Chapter 1

In the western area of Sunan city, a Pulsar speeds along a serpentine mountain pass, the road regularly punctuated with signs saying, "Road closed, no entry."

Song Chuyang puffs on his cigarette, unbothered by hairpin curves, stepping on the accelerator and disregarding the road signs.

“Boss, have you gone mad? I’d sent you the safe route earlier. Is it worth it, to shave off a few minutes by risking it all?” a frantic voice from the other side of the phone speaks.

“I’m the boss, do I need to follow your plans? Send me a map quickly.” Song Chuyang slots in gear with a flat-out throttle, the Pulsar erupts into an aggressive roar.

Shepan Mountain, located in between Sunan and Subei cities, is known for its extremely precarious routes and frequent accidents, leaving it closed to traffic for the past decade by the government.

The newly built ten-lane highway bypasses Shepan Mountain. Although it is a bit longer, it's safer.

Very few people choose this route, other than reckless speedsters.

“Boss, none of the navigations have current updates about this road, I broke into military satellite signals to send you the map, you still have time to turn back.” the call advises.

Beep... Song Chuyang hangs up and flings the phone to the passenger seat.

Casting a glance at a picture on the tool case, a slight smile could be seen on Song Chuyang's face as he admired the striking beauty and figure in the picture. Remarkable!

Returning home to marry such a beautiful woman, what a welcome! I don’t even want to be a "King of Soldiers" anymore. To avoid losing time by taking a detour, I simply cannot agree.

Suddenly, a rush of urgent horn sounds interrupted Song Chuyang's thoughts.

Followed by the tempestuous rumble of an engine. Boom boom!

Being a soldier for many years, Song had seen a lot. Just by the sound alone, he could tell the car costs at least three million.

The sound gets closer and with the headlights illuminating the pitch-black mountainside, he saw in his rear-view mirror, a Maserati whizzing up from behind at a speed that was practically joking with life.

A few seconds later, the Maserati GC was closing in on Song Chuyang. Song Chuyang made way, allowing the other party to pass.

But to his surprise, as they overtook him, they tossed out two beer bottles. One smashed on the hood and the other hit the windshield.

"Damn it, I even made way, and they dare to be so arrogant?" Song Chuyang swerved, stepped on the gas, quickly reclaimed his lane, lit a cigarette, and continued to drive leisurely at a speed of more than 80 mph.

Song Chuyang's driving skills? If he didn't want to yield, the other party could not pass at all, continuously honking their horn in frustration.

At the next turn, an opportunity presented itself. He slammed the gas and swiftly overtook them.

Song Chuyang slightly smiled, he had taught them a lesson, but to his surprise, they lowered their window and shouted at Song Chuyang, "Why can't an old man like you just stay put? Driving such a piece of junk around, are you trying to show off or just asking for trouble? If you want to die, do it without endangering others!"

"Damn it, racing with such a slow speed? You may as well crawl!"

After the two sentences of mockery, they stepped on the gas and their Maserati raced far into the distance.

Song Chuyang was just about to retort when...


The Maserati hit the brakes hard, and Song Chuyang had to quickly follow suit, nearly crashing into the back of them!

The next second, the other party stepped back on the gas and drove off at high speed.

"Damn! Such malicious intent? Good car, wrong place of use," Song Chuyang threw his cigarette away, genuinely irritated by this idiot.

They not only insulted him but also played dirty tricks!

"Damn it! When I was into cars, you were still a kid playing in the mud. Do you really think I'm easy to bully? Wait and see!" Song Chuyang swerved and quickly moved the car for an inner cut, stomped on the gas, and raced after them.

In order to reduce centrifugal force, speed up progress, and catch up with the car in front, Song Chuyang chose to race close to the inner edge!

Small stones rolled down in a rustle, falling into the pitch-black abyss!

Who dares to risk their life like this? But Song Chuyang dares!

Strong mental quality, superb driving skills, Song Chuyang's Nissan Pujiang skims alongside the cliff at high speed.

A minute later, Song Chuyang caught up with the Maserati, racing alongside it with two of his left wheels half off the ground. This was even more dangerous than dancing on the tip of a knife!

Yet Song Chuyang remained as calm as still waters!

In a little while, he'd caught up!

Window rolled down, middle finger up, Song Chuyang grinned and said, "Kid, with your skill level, stick to playing Need for Speed on the computer."

The two cars ran parallel in the narrow section of the road, lightly grazing.

The other driver startled, quickly steering inward. He'd rather scrape his side than be forced towards the edge of the cliff.

Looking again, he recognized it was the same Nissan from before. Immediately, he furiously roared, "A worn-out Nissan dares to challenge me, I am going to obliterate you!"

"Come on! Even if your driving skills are subpar, a Maserati won't help much. Tilashama? Huh? Shama special? Just as I thought, haha!" Song Chuyang laughed and sped away.

The road conditions grew increasingly complicated, the continuous irregular S bends, Song Chuyang with a cigarette in his mouth, left hand on the steering wheel, right hand rested on the handbrake, made several consecutive drifts, slicing the corner like flat ground on the irregular S bends.

The Maserati behind was becoming more impatient. If it were a straight-line race, the eight-cylinder engine could have the Nissan reduced to tatters, but on an S bend!

"Darn, I can't hold it back!" This person slightly released the accelerator, yielding the road to Song Chuyang.

"I can't outrun you, but I can ram you, hahaha!" The man burst into laughter, stepping on the gas and slamming his car into the one in front of him.

Bang! An explosion sound!


Song Chuyang almost hit the windshield. He quickly turned left, causing the half-suspended right front wheel to straighten out.

He hurriedly buckled up, cursing, "Damn, there are too many lunatics around nowadays. Can't race past me, and yet trying to kill me!”

Lighting a cigarette, Song Chuyang smirked at the corner of his lips. Well, since the other party wants to play dirty and attempt murder, he shouldn’t blame me for fighting back.

Concentrating on the road ahead, Song Chuyang silently calculated the timing of the impact.


Another sound!

The rear trunk of the Pusang was already dented!

Kwang! Kwang! Kwang! The other party kept smashing into him, without any regard for the damage to the Maserati. The furious punches landed on Pusang like a storm.


The rear bumper was cracked, the trunk was continuously caved in, and the three-box design got squashed into a two-box!

Seeing another hit coming!

Song Chuyang, who calculated the timing accurately, abruptly changed direction!

He yanked the handbrake hard, hiss! The rubber frantically scraped against the ground, leaving deep marks. The tremendous feedback force on the handbrake caused Song Chuyang's right hand's veins to bulge visibly!

The Pusang swiftly swerved around like electricity, successfully avoiding the Maserati in a split second.

In the next second, they were on the brink of veering off the road, and plunging into a cliff!

"Ah!" The shock-haired guy's eyes widened as he let out a shrill scream.

By reflex, he swerved sharply, narrowly saving his own life.

The shock-haired guy's face turned pale, gasping heavily. Oh my God, that was a close call.

The more he thought about it, the more unwilling he was to back down. He hit the brakes, slowed down, turned around, intending to settle the score with Song Chuyang.

However, Song Chuyang's Pusang had already stopped in its tracks and couldn't move at all!

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