Chapter One :Chapter 1

Inside the ultimate luxurious villa.

The entire sky was covered in oppressive grey clouds; the weather was stifling and the air was sticky. There was not a hint of a breeze. The atmosphere was heavily oppressive, as if a rainstorm was about to pour down at any moment.

Gu Ning'an turned off the engine, grabbed his bag and got out of the car. He looked up at the miserable weather, frowned slightly. There was a tightness in his chest, a vague sense of unease in his heart.

He had been working overtime non-stop these few days, compressing his workload into half the time, and severely lacking in sleep. All this was for the sake of preparing a birthday party for Song Min. But the thought that all his hardships would be worthwhile as long as Song Min was happy brought a sweet smile to his face. He shook his head and headed towards the bedroom.

The closer he got to the bedroom, the stronger his bad premonition became.

"Song Min, you're so... naughty... Oh... be gentle, Yun'er is in pain..."

"You say no with your mouth, but your body is very honest..."

"Min, you're so bad..."

The heart-fluttering sounds coming from the bedroom doused Gu Ning'an with a bucket of ice-cold water from head to toe.

He stood rooted to the spot, his lips tightly pursed, his fingers tightly clutching the phone until his knuckles turned white.

The bedroom door was slightly ajar, showing a small crack. Gu Ning'an walked up to the door, his slender fingers gripping the doorknob tightly, gently pushing it open.

On the huge bed, two figures were intertwined. The woman's face was blocked by the man's back and couldn't be seen clearly. The only sounds left in the room were their ambiguous breaths.

In sharp contrast was the large wedding photo on the wall. In the photo, the man and woman were smiling broadly. The woman in the picture, her eyes curved in laughter, her full-face smile, coyly wrapping her arm around the man's. There was a slight curve in the corner of the man's mouth, but there was no trace of a smile in his eyes.

Backing out, he leaned against the wall.

The bag in her hand dropped to the ground, its contents scattered all over, including a delicately made box with a black velvet trim that rolled out. It was a miniature that Gu Ning'an had personally designed and custom-made for Song Min's birthday in a week, putting in no small amount of effort.

Gu Ning'an looked down at the box, her heart bitter beyond words. The beautiful memories of their past, she realized, had vanished in an instant.

A rustle of clothing from the room indicated someone had heard the commotion outside. The noise ceased.

Soon, a tall man emerged from the bedroom, his shirt hanging loosely, a lingering look of desire in his eyes. He looked at her with a frown, "Why didn’t you make a sound when you came in?"

Despite having seen it with her own eyes, she still wanted to hear the answer from his mouth.

Red-eyed, Gu Ning'an stared at him, her voice choked with emotion. "What did you do in the room?"

Song Min's brows furrowed at the question, a coldness enveloping his handsome face.

Seeing him refuse to answer, she walked towards the room. He suddenly reached out and grabbed her hand, impatience in his tone. "It's none of your business. As long as you behave, you will still be Madam Song."

"Madam Song?" So, in his eyes, she was nothing more than a vain woman.

She forcefully shook off his hand, her steps wobbly but determined, heading further into the room.

It took a while for Song Min to recover, staring at the hand that Gu Ning'an threw off. He was not sure how to feel - this was the first time she had resisted him, before, she had always been gentle and compliant.

Gu Ning'an walked into the room emotionless, her slightly trembling shoulders revealing her unease.

The woman had naturally upturned seductive eyes, full of temptation, her body covered in lurid, ambiguous marks, truly an eyesore.

Nonchalantly, she picked up her clothes and put them on, turning around, a blush on her face that suggested nothing had happened. "Oh, Ning'an, you're back."

Shock froze Gu Ning'an as she watched her: she then glanced at Song Min behind her. Her heart felt as if being tugged at, waves of aching pain running through it.

The person who was having an affair with her husband turned out to be her best friend - the rational part of her snapped.

Her eyes turned blood red, she yelled out with all her bitterness, "Ye Yun, you're my best friend! How could you do this to me?"

Ye Yun smirked, calmly adjusting her clothes, a sneer directed at Gu Ning'an "Do you think Song Min married you out of love? He had to marry you because you're Miss Gu. He's always loved me, from the very beginning! You're now nothing more than a stray dog, you have no right to interfere in our love!"

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