Chapter One :Chapter 1

"Chu Jianghe, I will destroy you!"

The boy woke up from his nightmare, his originally quite delicate face at this moment, was terribly distorted!

His name was Li Changkong, the number one talented disciple of the Zhenwu Sect's outer disciples, the Zhenwu Sect was one of the ten major sects in the southern domain of the War God Continent. As the first disciple of the Zhenwu Sect's outer disciples, his future was endlessly bright.

However, during the Blood Trial held by the Sect, he was trapped by his most trusted brother, Chu Jianghe, and pushed into the Blood Soul Valley, the forbidden area of the Sect.

He had a brush with death but walked out of the Blood Soul Valley, having lost all his cultivation, he had become a cripple.

After getting out, he wanted to expose Chu Jianghe to the Sect, but Chu Jianghe preemptively attacked and accused him of plotting against Chu Jianghe, insisting it was only after a dispute with Li Changkong discovered the plot that Li Changkong fell into the Blood Soul Valley.

Because he had become a cripple, and Chu Jianghe was exceptionally talented, second only to him, how could the Sect punish an exceptional disciple for a cripple?

Eventually, he was driven out of the Zhenwu Sect and was declared never to be admitted again.

At that time, he still held illusions, kneeling outside the gate of the Sect for three days and nights without moving, like a stone sculpture.

But the result was, no one paid him any attention, those former brothers who flattered him, one by one, ridiculed him, and those elders who looked after him with care, didn't even bother to look at him directly.

The one-time peerless genius had become a laughing stock, a joke that was spread throughout the Sect, a topic of conversation for people to mock after dinner.

Were it not for his master, Elder Cangyun, who felt guilty and ordered people to bring him back to his clan, perhaps Li Changkong would have died a foreign land and become a lonely soul by now.

"Chu Jianghe!"

Li Changkong raised his head, his teeth gritted almost to the point of shattering, his heart filled with hatred.

"I treated you as a brother, never mistreated you, even when I gained new techniques, I shared generously with you. Little did I know that you would stab me in the back and deliver a fatal blow!"

"If I don't avenge this injustice, I, Li Changkong, would be living in vain!"

Li Changkong quietly vowed in his heart.

"Young Master, have you finally awakened?"

He just got up when suddenly, a familiar voice reached his ears, prompting him to turn his gaze over.

A beautiful face appeared in front of him, hands holding a bowl, the strong medicinal scent wafted from the bowl. Despite this, there was a trace of joy on the young girl's face.


Li Changkong's heart fluttered slightly as he softly called out her name.

He was not of prestigious birth, merely a side disciple of the remote Li family. With his parents both deceased, only this maid, Lian'er, had accompanied him as he grew up.

However, when he reached ten years old, Cloud Elder, his Master, happened to pass by. Noticing his exceptional aptitude, he took him to the True Martial Sect. From then on, he began to show his unparalleled talent. In just a few years, he became the top disciple of the outer sect of the True Martial Sect.

Unfortunately, everything was destroyed by Chu Jianghe.

"Young Master, Lian'er was scared to death, I thought..."

The girl, relieved to see him unharmed, felt a stinging sensation in her eyes at the memory of her earlier fright.

Seeing the girl's genuine sentiment, guilt filled Li Changkong's heart. After entering the True Martial Sect, he rarely returned home; his memories only consisted of a few short visits.

He had almost forgotten about this maid, yet unexpectedly, after his cultivation had been abolished, she was still there, silently taking care of him. "Young Master, are you alright? Here, drink this medicine and you will get better," The girl handed over the medicine bowl, intending to feed him.

However, Li Changkong gestured to stop her, saying softly, "Lian'er, I am fine. I don't need the medicine."

The reason for his previous fainting was simply due to the constant blows he suffered, in addition to his cultivation being wasted, his body weakened, and under the strain of endless travel, anger attacked his heart and he passed out.

Now that he was awake, there was nothing seriously wrong with his body. As for his cultivation being wasted, it was not something a bowl of medicine could cure.

"The fact that my cultivation has been wasted this time isn't without its benefits, it allows me to see the world clearly. Back then, when I was the top genius of the outer sect of the True Martial Door, my friends were all over the world, all kinds of flattery were everywhere, and my glory was boundless. Now it seems, how many of them are truly sincere?"

Li Changkong gives a self-deprecating smile. He, in his current destitute state, probably only had his maid, Lian'er, who could still serve him.

"In this world, the strong are always respected. One day, I will personally reclaim my glory and step on all those who look down on me with disdain so as to appease my hatred!"

Li Changkong clenched his fist tightly, his gaze towards the distant direction of the True Martial Door.

Seeing Li Changkong in deep thought, Lian'er gently puts down the medicine bowl and leaves without startling him.

With the creaking sound, the door was shut, leaving only Li Changkong in the room.

"Now, the most important thing is to restore my cultivation. Only with powerful strength can I return to the peak!"

Li Changkong has been in the True Martial Door for six years, during which his cultivation has become formidable, making him a powerful divine mansion cultivator.

But now, his cultivation has been wasted, his six years of hard cultivation was in vain.

However, he is ultimately a steadfast person. After experiencing setbacks, his Dao heart is even more resilient, like steel which can withstand any kind of blow.

At this moment, Li Changkong begins to operate the True Martial Corporeal Refinement technique. This is the supreme technique of the True Martial Door. If it were before, as long as he slightly operated the technique, the spiritual power within his body would regenerate continuously, allowing him to possess a powerful battle ability.

But now, as soon as he starts to operate the technique, he immediately feels a heart-piercing pain. This intense pain is like ten thousand ants gnawing at his heart, making Li Changkong drenched in cold sweat.

"So it's still like this. Every time I operate the True Martial Corporeal Refinement technique, it feels like ten thousand ants gnawing at my heart. I can't generate spiritual power at all!"

Li Changkong heaved a long sigh. His dantian, the energy center within him, had already shattered. He once introspected his dantian, which used to be filled with surging spiritual power, but now it had turned into a state of carnage, appearing as if it were in a state of primordial chaos.

Several of the True Martial Sect's elder practitioners, and even the sect leader himself, personally probed into his situation, but each of them ended up shaking their heads. Inside his dantian, they couldn't sense the slightest hint of spiritual energy.

"With a shattered dantian, you won't achieve anything in martial arts in this lifetime."

Sect Leader Xiao Xuan's words felt to him like a death sentence. From being the most prominent prodigy, he had fallen off the pedestal and became the laughingstock for many.

"No, I can't give up!"

"If I give up, that means I'll be a failure in my lifetime!"

"Chu Jianghe, and all those who abandoned me, are living well now. I want to ascend to the True Martial Sect again, and step on these hypocrites!"

"I want to re-cultivate my martial arts, become strong, and reclaim my glory!"

For several hours, Li Changkong kept circulating the True Martial Body refining technique. The intense pain kept coming, but he gritted his teeth and persisted, refusing to give up.

His clothes had long been soaked through with cold sweat, as if he had been drenched by water.


Li Changkong clenched his teeth, once again initiating the True Martial Body refining technique.

Hiss, hiss, hiss...

At that moment, strange noises began to come from inside his body, and there seemed to be a faint light of blood seeping out.

"What is happening?"

Li Changkong was startled beyond belief, as he hurriedly collected his spiritual power, sinking it into his Dantian, carefully examining it.

With this look, the shock in his heart surged even more violently. Inside his Dantian, which used to be covered in a bloody red hue, a blood pearl had appeared. The blood pearl was incomparably eerie, as if there was a real dragon soaring over it.


The next moment, his consciousness sunk unexpectedly. A pulling force from nowhere dragged his consciousness into a mysterious space.

Li Changkong looked around dazedly, everything was gray and misty, the space was vast and boundless.

"Where is this?"

Li Changkong was stunned. Upon careful reflection, his eyes suddenly brightened. The blood pearl inside his Dantian was not something he had never seen before.

During the Blood Trial of the True Martial Sect, he was pushed into the Valley of Blood Souls by Chu Jianghe. It was in the Valley of Blood Souls that he saw a blood pearl soar into the sky from afar before he passed out. When he woke up, he found that his Dantian was shattered, and his cultivation was all lost.

"Could it be that the blood pearl in my Dantian is the same one I saw in the Valley of Blood Souls? Because of this blood pearl, I lost all my cultivation?"

Li Changkong secretly wondered in his heart. Apart from this reason, he really couldn't find any other explanation.

"The swallowing heaven blood pearl has activated, awakening the swallowing heaven Dragon Vein, you can now begin cultivating the Swallowing Heaven Dragon Emperor Technique!"

At this moment, ancient and profound words directly sprouted in Li Changkong's mind. Each ancient and profound character contained substantial mystery, they were recondite and hard to understand.

Li Changkong only felt as if his small head would burst open, with his mind in a total daze.

After a long while, he finally opened his eyes, and there was an unmistakable look of joy that he couldn't conceal.

The Swallowing Heaven Dragon Emperor Technique is a powerful cultivation method passed down from the lineage of the Dragon God. Only those who have the Swallowing Heaven bloodline could practice it. Once they peak in their practice, they could even swallow the sun, the moon, stars, achieve the Dragon God's immortal body, becoming undying and unperishing!

"Surviving a great disaster means blessings are destined to come. Chu Jianghe, you never would have imagined that your plan to incriminate me would end up bringing me extraordinary good luck!"

Li Changkong could hardly contain his excitement. He had received the Devouring Sky Blood Orb, and the Dragon Vein had entered his body, granting him the Devouring Sky Bloodline. He could now cultivate the Sky Devouring Dragon Emperor Technique, henceforth possessing endless possibilities.

In the past, despite being the leading prodigy of the outer sect of Zhenwu Sect with astounding aptitude, when compared to his current state, he was nothing more than a mere glow in the light of the brilliant moon, utterly insignificant.

"Humph! Chu Jianghe, just you wait! Once I have cultivated to a point of enormous strength, I'll settle this blood debt with you properly!"

Li Changkong raised his head, his bright eyes shining like stars.

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