Chapter One :Chapter 1

On the Sword God Continent, the way of the sword is paramount!

Warriors all follow the path of the sword, cultivating supreme Sword Souls.

Rumor has it that mighty swordmasters can slay enemies from thousands of miles away with their swords, their sword aura looming over the ninth heaven!

East Sword City, the Manor of the City Lord!

In the rear courtyard of the Manor, an abandoned small courtyard.

"Sob... sob... Young Master, you can't die. If you die, what's to become of Qingyu? Qingyu only has you, without you, Qingyu can't live either!"

Intermittent weeping carried over. In the only hut with a derelict bed, lay a young boy with a ghastly pale complexion.

The youth had slender fingers, yet his knuckles were covered in callouses.

From a glance, it was clear that he had been a sword practitioner for many years!

And at this moment, the whiff of blood had dried up from the corner of the young boy's mouth. The breath from his nostrils, too, had completely disappeared.

In other words, this boy, had already perished!

"Sky-Separating Sword Emperor, Rain Sorrow, if I, Mo Wentian, survive, I will swallow your souls, gnaw your flesh, and grind your bones into dust..."

Just as these words left his mouth, the boy lying on the bed suddenly roared in anger, an astonishing resentment exploding out from his body.

"Young Master..."

The small maidservant who had been crying, her eyes suddenly lit up with joy. She rushed forward to embrace the boy, weeping tears of joy.

"Young Master, you're not dead. That's great, *sobs*..."

"What happened?"

Mo Wenti gradually came back to his senses, his gaze landing on the ragged room around him. Mo Wenti's body shuddered, and then a flood of information poured into his mind.

In the year 10127 on the Sword God Mainland, the Sky Asking Sword Emperor mysteriously disappeared!

In the year 15127 on the Sword God Mainland, four emperors left for the skies, leaving behind the Human Emperor Sword Sect!

The year 20119 on the Sword God Mainland.

At the age of ten, Mo Wenti entered East Sword City and was taken in as an adopted son by the lord of the city.

Mo Wenti had peerless talent and perfected the eighteen profound level sword techniques within three years!

At fifteen, he grasped the concept of treating heavy burdens as if they were light!

Three years later, on the spiritual stage, it was assumed that the extraordinarily gifted Mo Wenti would awaken a ninth-grade spirit root, but what was shocking was that Mo Wenti... had no spirit root!

From then on, he was abandoned by all!

One day ago, Mo Wenti had a chance encounter with Lin Xiao, the son of the city lord's right-hand man, while he was out.

Seeing Mo Qingyu beside Mo Wenti, Lin Xiao was envious and demanded her from Mo Wenti. When Mo Wenti refused, Lin Xiao gave him a severe beating!

One scene after another flashed through Mo Wenti's mind until it went blank.

The year 20127 on the Sword God Mainland?

Doesn't that mean he is...

"Hahahaha...... I'm not dead after all, Sword Emperor Li Tian, Rain Mourning, I bet you never expected, I, Mo Wentian, I am not dead, I am alive!"

Mo Wentian was laughing madly into the sky. He was not dead, he was still alive. The darned heavens, had unexpectedly given him another chance!

Sword Emperor Li Tian was Mo Wentian’s own brother!

Rain Mourning was the woman he had known for thousands of years.

Both of them had accompanied Mo Wentian for an untold number of years. In order to protect his brother, Mo Wentian had risked his life several times.

For Rain Mourning, Mo Wentian had searched for the Body Shaping Stone for thousands of years in order to transform her talent, with the hopes that she would stay by his majesty’s side forever!

Yet in the end, they had plunged their swords into Mo Wentian's heart.

"Young master... Young master are you alright? Boo hoo hoo... Poor young master, who survived the attack, is now turned into a fool!"

Seeing Mo Wentian sometimes laughing manically and sometimes cursing wildly, Qingyu couldn’t hold back her tears any longer. The young master was already pitiful enough for not having a spiritual root.

But now, to her surprise, the young master had even gone mad!

"Who's crazy?"

Mo Wentian's gaze fell onto Qingyu. The image of the little maid was projected in his mind.

Mo Qingyu. She was a beggar girl who met Mo Wentian while he was practicing swordmanship outside Dongjian City. He took her back, gave her the name of Qingyu, and kept her by his side as a maid.

Once Mo Wentian was found to not even possess a primary Spirit root, all the maids besides Mo Qingyu left him one after another, only Mo Qingyu still stayed by Mo Wentian's side!

"Master, you're okay!"

Mo Qingyu wiped the teardrops on her cheek, looking at Mo Wentian with a full face of joy.

"I'm fine, and I will be in the future!"

Mo Wentian stared into the void, his pale face seething with sheer cold arrogance.

Of course, he wouldn't be in trouble. He has no spiritual roots at all?

For Mo Wentian, this is not a problem at all. His body of the Sword God from his previous life already ran deep in his soul.

Recovering it this time would be extremely easy!

"Master, it's okay to not have spiritual roots. After you recover, we will leave Dongjian City and find a good place to live."

Mo Qingyu looked at Mo Wentian, reassuring him.

"It's okay to not have spiritual roots?"

Mo Wentian's eyes seemed to glaze over, but he soon opened his mouth, "Don't worry, I won't disappoint you, nor will I..."

Mo Wentian paused slightly, then continued haughtily, "I won’t let them down, either!”

A trace of cold chill swept past Mo Wentian's eyes.

Mo Wentian would live up to the world. He wanted to return to the peak. He wanted to question the Sword Emperor and Yushang himself: where their conscience was?

"He won't disappoint me…"

Mo Qingyu stared blankly for a moment, her eyes landing on the young master's resolute face. She suddenly found him to be different from usual.

In the young master's eyes, that confidence rose once again. His impenetrable face was like the king of the universe!


At that moment, a loud sound suddenly echoed, followed by a burst of arrogant and obscene noise.

"Mo Qingyu, I'd like to see how you'll escape from my grasp today!"

"What's going on?"

Upon hearing these words, a chill surged in Mo Wentian's eyes.

The voice from outside the door, Mo Wentian was quite familiar with. It was Lin Xiao, who had failed to get Mo Qingyu and started making trouble for him!

"Young master, it's Lin Xiao..."

Mo Qingyu's pretty face turned pale in an instant, and she trembled, "Young master, you should go quickly. Lin Xiao won't let you off..."

"Lin Xiao won't let me off!"

Mo Wentian got up from the bed, a sharp pain surged from his chest. Mo Wentian's brow furrowed as he opened the door.

"Well well... isn't this our young master Wentian? Why isn't Master Wentian staying in the Wentian Pavilion instead, and has chosen to stay in this shabby doghouse? Is it because you feel this doghouse suits you better!"

"Ha ha ha ha ha ..."


Following Lin Xiao were three young men, disciples of the City Lord's Mansion. They wore smug grins as they looked at Mo Wentian.

"Three days from now, on the Sword Platform. You and I, to a duel of life and death!"

Just as they were laughing merrily, an indifferent voice suddenly echoed in the small courtyard, causing Lin Xiao and the others' expressions to tense slightly.

The one who spoke was Mo Wentian.

"Sword Platform?" A chilly smile filled Lin Xiao's face. He then retorted frostily, "You don't even have a Spiritual Root. What makes you think you're qualified to challenge me on the Sword Platform? I've already activated my spiritual energy, and I possess a fifth-ranked Spiritual Root. It wouldn't even take a single move to kill you."

"You dare not?"

Mo Wentian looked at Lin Xiao, his eyes unchanging. His indifferent gaze contained a hint of condescension.

Under Mo Wentian's gaze, a surge of anger immediately swelled in Lin Xiao's eyes.

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