Chapter One :Chapter 1

Jemima's POV

Today is the mating ceremony of our pack. The Blackwater pack. I was so excited because every year, there is a rite performed in our pack for all the unmated wolves. I was one of them and this was the fourth time I would be attending the ceremony. Even though I still had faith that I was going to find a mate.

Being from a very poor background who had no one to turn to, I had hoped for a mate but it wouldn't come.

"Won't she stop going to the mating ceremony?" One of the females kicked.

" The moon goddess must have also hated her like we did to not have given her a mate. "

" Who won't hate her? After all she had done to her adopted family. She's such a heartless one! "

Yes, I'm Jemima Brown. My parents died in a car accident and I was adopted by another one. But a fire broke out in the house and all of a sudden, everyone thought it was my fault. I didn't remember the details of what happened because I was quite young then, but my Aunt who hated me so much said I was the one who caused it.

She sent me out of our family house and I became a maid in the pack house. At first, everyone there avoided me; later I became their slave. Treating me the way they like. It wasn't as if I had a choice, so I had to endure.

I knew that if I could find myself a mate, I wouldn't be experiencing such hardship. That is the sad reason I wasn't giving up.


A resounding slap brought me back from my thoughts.

"What the hell do you think you're doing here? I have a ceremony to attend yet my dress hasn't been brought out!" Isobel, my younger cousin shouted.

Isobel had because she was in love with the Alpha's son and came to live in the pack house. Since she came in, my situation got worse because she kept telling them lies about me.

"But I already got your dress prepared," I said to her.

She gave me another slap. " Are you saying I'm lying? " She shouted.

Just for her trouble to be avoided, I started to leave for her room but she dragged me back and started hitting me.

When she was satisfied, she left me. That made me know that she didn't come for the dress, she only came to torture me. I soon forgot about Isobel's maltreatment because of the preparations for the party by evening. I couldn't wait for the evening.

Just by evening, the priestess walked into the Pack Hall with her girl and every unmated wolf was so happy. She then lined every female up. I couldn't stay in the line because I was going to get pushed away by others. So I waited till everyone was done.

I was serving drinks when I realised that it was already the last person on the line. I quickly went to the priestess. She looked at me and smiled. That was the only person that ever did that in our pack.

"Don't worry child your mate will come," that was what she told me every year.

I also never gave up and I stood there praying that I won't have to wait for another year. I stretched my hand to her and as usual, she pierced my finger making my blood drop on the magical plank.

Before it would stay red but now it turned blue and I couldn't explain the joy that escaped from me.

"Congratulations my child," she said to me.

Although I didn't know my mate yet, I was so happy. That was the saviour I'd been waiting for all my life. Just as I waited, a nice wooden smell mixed with honey invaded my nose and I paused.

My mate!

My wait was worth it. I finally found my mate. Then I slowly turned to see who that man gifted to me was. Turning, I almost fell to the ground.

"Mate!" He growled.

Everyone in the room didn't speak a word. They all paused looking at Alexander and me.

Alexander was the lead Beta's son of our pack and he had always ignored me. From what I knew, he was in love with the Alpha's last daughter. I was so scared right now.

He walked towards me as if he was calculating his steps. There was an ugly frown on his face. Alexander might not like me but the mating bond was stronger than anything.

"How can you be my mate?"

I didn't know why I deserved that foolish question. I wasn't the one who paired us. I wished I could tell him that but I was scared. I was so scared of him rejecting me. He was my last hope.

"Are you going to pick your wedding date or not?" The priestess cuts in.

I looked at her. She must have also felt the intensity in the room.

"Are you freaking kidding me? How do you expect me to marry the palace trash!" He shouted in anger.

" Mind your words, boy! " The priestess snapped.

I was pained because I knew that rejection for me was inevitable. As werewolves, we are only opportune to have one mate in our lifetime. It has been hundreds of years since we heard of anyone having a second chance mate.

If Alexander rejects me now, I would definitely be doomed to live the rest of my life alone.

"I don't want this bad luck ridden girl and you can't force me!" He said firmly.

Everyone in the room started murmuring. They agreed with Alexander, none of them thought I deserved to be mated.

"You can't do that to her!" The priestess said.

I could see that she was angry. I looked at her and shook my head. I didn't want to get the poor woman in trouble.

"I can do anything I want. She's trash after all!" With that, he walked away.

There was relief in my eyes as I watched his retreating back. I didn't know what his plan was but at least I was grateful that he didn't reject me in the ceremony. I walked out listening to everyone's abusive words.

My tears started to flow immediately after I left the hall. I didn't know why I deserved this. I didn't pray for someone like Alexander. I didn't even pray for a rich mate, all I wanted was a mate that would accept me.

Just as I stepped out, a pain hit my chest

I quickly supported myself with the wall. I wondered what the pain was all about. The pain wouldn't even let me move. I struggled to move because I didn't want anyone to see me at that corner. Only fore to move further to see my mate Alexander sleeping with another woman.

My heart hurt and I felt like screaming. Why shouldn't he just reject me and let things end? He must have gotten a smell of me because he looked at me. That didn't make him stop. In fact, he increased his pace and my pain increased.

"Please! Please!" I kept begging him but he wouldn't listen.

After a while, my pain was gone because he also was done. I looked at him with tears in my eyes.

"This is how it would keep going on until the beast ceremony!" He said firmly and unremorseful before he left.

I sat on the floor very tired. I was perspiring like I had gone for a run. I knew Alexander wasn't a nice person but I didn't expect that he would react to me this way. A cheating mate is the most painful thing that would ever happen to a mate.

I stood up and my legs wobbled, still trying to get up, I fell and that was the last thing I knew.

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