Chapter One :Chapter 1

"Quick, hide at the bottom of Hidden Dragon Lake!"

In the thick fog, a woman's voice resounded, filled with urgency.

Naked as she was, though turned her back against Ye Chen, she still couldn't hide her amazing figure.

"Who are you?"

Ye Chen couldn't help but ask.

The woman began to turn around and replied, "I am..."

Beep, beep, beep...

The abrupt ring of the phone woke Ye Chen from his dream.

This was already the eighth time that Ye Chen had this weird dream!

And every time, at the most critical moment, he was interrupted by things like a phone ring, a thunder crack, a knock at the door, and so on.

"Brother Chen, it's me, Xiao Kai, hurry up and come to the rooftop of the 18th floor of Tianhao Hotel, Qiang and Dong are both here, tonight we will help you drown your sorrows, we won't stop until drunk!"

"Also, we have prepared a huge surprise for you tonight!"

As the call connected, Liu Kai's voice came from the other end.

"Okay, wait for me. I'll be there soon!"

After hanging up the phone, Ye Chen dragged his paralyzed legs off the bed and strained to climb onto his wheelchair.

These two legs were forcefully broken by Wu Tian!

At that time, Ye Chen stood up to Wu Tian to save a drugged female student.

In retribution, Wu Tian not only broke his legs but also took control of the Brilliant Group, which his father had painfully built up.

However, luckily, these three close friends whom he had riskily saved from a reservoir once, remained unchanged!

They still treated him like a brother, and tonight, they were even ready to drink till they drop!

Thinking about this watered Ye Chen's eyes.

It is said that hardship reveals true friendship, and indeed, it is not a sham!

The Tianhao Grand Hotel was conveniently located near the Hidden Dragon Lake.

Ye Chen thought that if he got a chance tonight, he could explore around the lake.

After all, having the same dream eight times in a row was quite peculiar!

When he reached the rooftop of the Tianhao Grand Hotel's 18th floor, it was already night.

Bathing in the bright moonlight, Ye Chen saw his buddies Liu Kai, Li Dong and Wei Qiang, who had been waiting for him.

Apart from them, there was a beauty dressed in a white gown!

She had a perfect figure, with curves that were tempting. Her long, slender, creamy legs were a sight for sore eyes under the moonlight.

Following her alluring waist upwards, was a beautiful face. Her eyebrows reminisced of distant mountains, and clear eyes were enticing. It was indeed a breathtaking spectacle at first sight.


Ye Chen immediately recognized the beauty before him; it was his dearly beloved girlfriend, Chen Fei'er.

After his trouble had arisen, Chen Fei'er seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth without a trace - her phone number was unreachable, and she hadn't shown herself since...

Originally, Ye Chen thought that Chen Fei'er had mercilessly abandoned him.

Upon seeing Chen Fei'er at this moment, Ye Chen was overwhelmed with emotion, thinking he might have been overthinking things.

Ye Chen then turned his attention to Liu Kai and the others, with visible excitement on his face: "You certainly gave me a huge surprise!"

"No, the surprise they prepared for you is not Fei'er, but me!"

The next moment, a voice chock-full of mockery suddenly echoed in the surroundings.

With the sound of footsteps, a handsome man dressed in a well-tailored suit stepped onto the rooftop.

Even if turned to ashes, Ye Chen would recognize him.

That was the very Wu Tian who had usurped his father's company and broken his legs!

And right after arriving, Wu Tian went straight to Chen Fei'er, and pulled her into his embrace.

His hands roamed unceasingly around her body.

To this, not only did Chen Fei'er not resist in the slightest, but she even clung to Wu Tian, appearing quite pleased.

"Fei'er, why?"

The scene before his eyes left Ye Chen stricken as if struck by thunder, his mind blank, completely shattered.

In his eyes, Chen Feifei was as pure as jade and had sworn countless times that she loved only him.

Yet, he had only had his accident for a short while, and she had already gotten involved with another man.

And this man was none other than his biggest enemy, Wu Tian...

"Hehe, why?" Chen Feifei's tone was scornful.

With her slender and beautiful fingers, she jabbed violently at Ye Chen, her face full of undisguised disdain: "Because I don't want to waste my wonderful youth on an incompetent loser like you!"

She turned her gaze back to Wu Tian, tiptoed, and willingly kissed Wu Tian's cheek, her beautiful eyes sparkling brightly. "But Brother Tian is different, he's young and capable, smart and talented, with limitless prospects."

"What I want, you can't give me, Brother Tian can give me everything!"

Chen Feifei's reply left Ye Chen pale-faced, his heart bleeding.

After his father's company was taken over, he had gone through all kinds of hard work and even dropped out of school to work three jobs in a day to earn tuition and living expenses for the impoverished Chen Feifei.

Later, to prevent Chen Feifei from being retaliated by Wu Tian, he even knelt down humbly in front of Wu Tian to beg, willingly allowing his legs to be crushed.

And today, this was what he got in return!

"Feifei, I saw Wu Tian putting drugs in a schoolgirl's drink. She was just a 14 or 15-year-old middle school student. I couldn't help but warn that girl, and that's why I offended Wu Tian!"

"Is such a shameless and lustful man really worth your affection?"

Ye Chen couldn't help but speak, still considering Chen Feifei's happiness even now.

Regarding this, Chen Feier huffed coldly, "What's wrong with men being a bit shameless and lustful?"

"And what's more, with Tian Ge who's suave, smart, capable and nearly perfect?”

"In my opinion, that female student getting the opportunity to be drugged by Tian Ge is her greatest honor, it's the blessing she cultivated in her eight lifetimes!"

Chen Feier seemed determined, as if stating an undeniable truth.

"But you, a worthless cripple, can't even compare to a single hair on Tian Ge's leg, what gives you the right to judge him?"

"Furthermore, is 'Feier' even a name you are deserving of calling?"

Chen Feier's words seemed to please Wu Tian quite a bit.

The strength he put in with his manipulating hands had involuntarily increased.

Chen Feier hastily swayed her body in response to his touch.

The pair were acting shamefully, and at a glance, looked like two dogs!

Ye Chen felt an extreme chill in his heart.

"Let's go!"

Ye Chen looked towards Liu Kai and the others, he didn't want to stay in this sad place for a second longer.

"Go? Tian Ge hasn't spoken yet, where do you think you're going?"

"Right, your life is in Tian Ge's hands right now, you should wait for Tian Ge's decision obediently!"

Liu Kai and Li Dong looked down at Ye Chen with incessant sneers.

As for Wei Qiang, he was bent almost ninety degrees, facing Wu Tian. With his face struggling to bloom into a servile smile, he said with utmost respect, "Brother Tian, how are you planning to deal with this kid?"


Their words were like thunder strikes on a clear day, hitting the most delicate corner of Ye Chen's heart.

Ye Chen was so shocked that he was rendered speechless, and so heartbroken that he could barely breathe!

Back then, at the secret forest reservoir, if it weren't for his life-saving rescue, their graves would probably have been overgrown with grass by now.

But now, for a little bit of personal gain, they were siding with the enemy to step on him?

"Just kill him!"

Wu Tian, like an emperor, pronounced Ye Chen's death sentence with these three simple words.

Liu Kai and others, instantly put on a show of exaggerated bowing and nodding, as if Wu Tian was their real father.

They considered it their utmost honor to be able to kill someone for Wu Tian!

Then, the three of them turned their gaze to Ye Chen, their eyes filled with undisguised killing intent.

"Brother Tian is taking care of your girlfriend and has taken over your nearly bankrupt Brilliant Group, which is a blessing for your family. You should be grateful for his generosity instead of showing a cold face. You are nothing more than an ungrateful wretch!"

Liu Kai said coldly, his face serious.

"That's right, you're an ungrateful wretch who repays kindness with enmity. Your death serves you right!"

Wei Qiang strongly agreed, showing contempt for Ye Chen and considering him not worthy to associate with.

Within his speech, he casually landed several slaps on Ye Chen's face.

As for Li Dong, he was even more straightforward, pulling out a sharp dagger from his bosom.

He aimed for Ye Chen's back and fiercely stabbed him twice.

The intense pain made Ye Chen tremble all over.

But compared to the physical pain, Ye Chen's heart hurt more.

After saving the three of them, they had knelt on the ground, slapping their chests and swearing that they would unhesitatingly take a blade for him. That scene was still vivid in his mind.

But now, without any remorse, they stabbed him in the back!


Just as Liu Kai and the others were about to push Ye Chen down, Chen Fei suddenly spoke.

Her words added a faint spark of hope to Ye Chen's already desolate heart.

Could it be that Chen Fei had a change of heart?

"I'll do it myself!"

However, it turned out Ye Chen was overthinking. Chen Fei coldly laughed as she spoke.

Between words, she pushed Ye Chen to the edge of the rooftop on the eighteenth floor.

However, she didn't push him off directly. Instead, she sneered, "Do you know why the core technology of your father's company wound up in Tian Brother's hands?"

"Is it you?"

Ye Chen's eyes were wide.

The Brilliance Group, painstakingly managed by his father, was dominated so swiftly by Wu Tian. The main reason was that the core technology inexplicably fell into Wu Tian's hands.

Ye Chen suspected everyone, but he had never doubted Chen Fei'er!

"That's right, it was my doing!"

The wind was bitter, and Chen Fei'er's proud words echoed in Ye Chen's ears.

And then, he was pushed straight off the rooftop of Tianhao Hotel on the eighteenth floor by Chen Fei'er.

The sound of Chen Feier and the others' contemptuous laughter became more and more distant, but it also became even more piercing!

Ye Chen's fist was clenched tightly, and his not-so-sharp nails dug deeply into the flesh of his palm. Blood flowed uninhibitedly.

Suppressed, frustrated, grieved... But it all ultimately turned into a sigh of helplessness!

Perhaps, what they said was right.

He himself...

Didn't even have the ability to stand up from his wheelchair!

There's no chance to even struggle to survive!


Just a worthless cripple!

A good-for-nothing worm!

A complete coward!


Leaf Dust fell into the hidden Dragon Lake close to the Tianhao Grand Hotel.

The moment his body hit the surface of the lake, intense pain almost made Leaf Dust faint.

His broken legs dashed his hopes of swimming ashore.

The blood continuously flowing from the wound on his back quickly attracted the group of alligators living in the hidden Dragon Lake.

The very next moment, Leaf Dust watched wide-eyed as a nearly ten-foot-long alligator in the forefront swallowed his lower half in one bite.

Its sharp teeth easily punctured his flesh and bone—just a light jerk, and he was split in half at the waist.

Following that, more alligators surged towards him, tearing his remaining body to pieces...

Blood spattered everywhere—a sight too gruesome to watch!

The agonizing pain blurred Leaf Dust's consciousness.

As he was about to lose consciousness, he saw his own blood dripping onto a black stone at the bottom of the lake.

A fog rose from the stone.

"You're finally here!"

In the mist, the woman who had appeared in Leaf Dust's dreams eight times, unbelievably, emerged alive and real!

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