Chapter One :Chapter 1

Athena PoV

"I'm sorry, Ms. Denzel," the obstetrician said softly. "It looks like it will be very difficult for you to have children. Your uterus is dry and the eggs you produce are very few and infertile."

My sky fell finally. I tried hard to find my voice. “Y-you sure, Doc? Is it possible that something is wrong? I mean, there's something wrong with the machine, or this isn't my test sheet at all.”

The obstetrician didn’t replied me but gazing at me with sympathetic eyes.

Tears came to my eyes. “Sorry... I just... fine...” I broke off, incoherent with despair.

I had no idea how I walked out of her practice room. My steps were unsteady because I couldn't feel the floor I was walking on at all. I seemed to be floating in a void with no direction, until finally I felt my knees give up and turn to jelly.

An iron chair in a quiet corridor became my goal to sit and rest my body which seemed to have lost all its bones and joints.

A terrible sentence that I heard a moment ago was ringing in my head which felt heavy.

".... I've always included drugs that can make her infertile in the vitamins she usually takes every morning and night."

Those words rang in my ears and like a spell, they kept repeating themselves, hurting my heart deeper and deeper, reminding me again of the horror scene in front of me before.

Two hours earlier.

I decided to see Shane early today and buy some wine on the way to celebrate the promotion I got. I already imagined how proud my fiancé would feel when he heard of my success and after drinking a glass or two, we would make hot love.

"Oouuh... Shane, move faster, aah... Damn, honey, your dick make me crazy!"

"Oh my gosh, Cora, you're so wild! I can't take it anymore, honey. Come on, shake your hips faster, aahhnn.... Cum with me, Baby, give me your delicious cream."

"Shane... ooh... Shane... I'm almost there, aahhh...."

I stood like a statue, with my wine bottle clutched tightly in my hand, staring shocked at the gap in the bedroom door that was slightly ajar.

That's Shane, my fiancé and Cora, the director's secretary on my team at the company, my arch rival, who always tries to trip me up in every job. She is a bitch and now I am sure she is indeed a BITCH!

What are they doing? Come on, Athena, has the excitement of getting a promotion made you stupid. I cursed myself mentally. It was clear they were making love, not just playing chess.

"You're so hot and wild, very different from what I felt when I was with Athena," Shane said breathlessly. "She's so stiff, like a piece of log. Boring!"

"I thought you liked fucking her, honey. I'm so sick of seeing Athena brag that she has a great boyfriend and a perfect love life with you!" Cora said, sounding sulky.

"She probably feels that way, because she's only known me her whole life. As for me, nah! I get sick of it every time she starts courting me for sex!" Shane said.

My body feels cold. The conversation inside really made me freeze from the inside.

"Then why don't you tell her about us immediately, darling?" said Cora in a spoiled voice. "What are you waiting for? I'm almost bored of having sex secretly like this."

"Soon, honey, after the gamma succession ceremony. It's all about the position in our pack. If I reject her now, it would ruin my reputation. I can't take that risk, at least the elders know that I have a mate, even though she's just an ordinary useless human." Shane said softly.

"Huh, sometimes I feel like fate is playing tricks on us," Cora's voice sounded sad. "We should have met sooner because we are mates and you don't need to be with a useless ordinary human like Athena."

"Later, after meeting you, I thought that too, Baby. If only we had met earlier, we would definitely have gained a lot in the pack as a couple," responded Shane.

Gamma, pack, mate, whatever language it is. I don't understand what the two of them are talking about. And why they always refer me as ordinary human? Who are they, called me like that? A God and Goddes? Geez!

"Huh, I hate that you still have to have sex with her. Don't let her get pregnant and cling to you even tighter, Shane!" Cora said angrily.

"Don't worry, since we started together, I've always included drugs that can make her infertile in the vitamins she usually takes every morning and night. She will be infertile and no one will want an infertile woman. That will be a good reason for me when I dump her later."

I felt like lightning had struck right beside me. My whole body suddenly felt cold, as if someone had poured a bucket of ice water over me.

What did Shane just say? Who will be infertile? Me? I felt like a huge hole was ripped out of my heart, bleeding badly.

Is that why my menstrual schedule is always regular even though Shane never wears protection when we have sex? He even made me feel guilty for disappointing him when two months ago I rejected him for sex because I was menstruating.

I thought too highly because I thought he wanted to have children from me so he always refused to use protection when having sex, in fact he was just confident with the anti-pregnancy drug he gave me.


I was like mad, as my foot kicked the door, making it swing open with a loud bang.

I took off my engagement ring and with all my might, threw it along with the wine bottle in my hand.

“GO TO HELL, YOU ASSHOLE!!” I yelled at him with my red eyes. Tears couldn’t hold back.

Shane screamed in pain as the wine bottle hit his naked body with a wound. He turned around, his blue eyes turned totally dark like a charcoal. “BITCH! You dare to hit me?!” he shouted.

To my surprise, his wound healed immediately! In front of my eyes! And what happened to his eyes?

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?! ARE YOU A MONSTER? GET FUCKING OUT OF MY LIFE!” Panicked and angrily, I cried out and rushed out of the apartment.

What a monster he was! Literally monster! My whole body was trembling. Horror and grief washed over me at the same time.

As an orphan, I always imagined getting married and having children with Shane, complete and happy together until we were old.

All women definitely want something like that in their lives, even if they come from a complete and happy family before.

Especially for me, who has always lived alone since childhood, that is the image I have always dreamed of and after I was with Shane, I felt optimistic that I could make it happen.

Now the hope was gone. The rest of my life became meaningless. I couldn’t image my life becoming alone again.

Where could I go? How could I forget the pain?


The Laure Bar.

"Give me another drink, " I said to the bartender, turning over the empty glass. "I want to get drunk quickly."

"Moscow Mule, a mixture of Vodka, lemon juice, and ginger beer. It tastes quite strong because I added a little more vodka than usual," said the bartender while serving me a pale yellow drink.

I filled in one gulp and a burning sensation shot up my throat, making me cough. The bartender handed me a glass of mineral water.

"Slow down, Miss," he said softly.

His attitude made me feel pitied and without realizing it my tears flowed again. Shit! I hate my life!

“You know what,” I had a wine burp, resting my head on the bar, “It takes more strength and hard work to get attention and recognition, compared to everyone who was born with a complete family. But I didn't stop to work hard because of Shane."

"You don't know what Shane is like," I laughed and cried, "He was the first love that I found too late. He made me believe that happiness exists even for people from a low class like me. I dream of forming a happy family with him, with a beautiful white house, cute kids, and maybe, an orange cat."

Tears flowed into the glass and disappeared. I wished my grief would go away too.

"I felt like I am on the right track with my career and him, everything crumbling down in a second!” I continued, staggered to my feet. "Like a bomb. BOOM!"

I waved my hand and hit someone behind. His chest’s so hard.

I looked up at the man. A strong cologne smell washed over me. "You're very handsome," I leaned in to sniff his neck sensually. "And you smells so good."

"Mr. Rayden," said the bartender, surprised. "Forgive this lady. She is drunk."

“No, I’m not drunk,” I muttered as I stroked his muscular arm. "Will you sleep with me, handsome? Just one night. Help me forget about everything that sucked today."

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