Chapter One :Chapter 1

“No………no please leave me. Don’t kill me. I …. I am sorry I …......I will not tell anyone about you. Please ……please ........let me go.”A beautiful girl in her early 20’s, sleeping on her bed mumbled in her dreams. She was sweating profusely.

“Tina……Tina….wake up. What is it? Tina.…Wake up please.”Tina’s friend Jasmine shook her body.

Tina slowly opened her eyes.

“Am I not in the royal era? Th……..thank God!”Tina murmured.

“Of course you are not. I don’t know why you are dreaming of that prince every day. You are living in modern times, still dreaming of a prince. What a loss! You should be in that era to be with that prince.”Jasmine said with a mischievous smile.

“J………Jasmine, this…..…this time it was not g......good one. I...…have seen the soldiers were chasing me to kill. I …..I have seen me as the princess of the dynasty.”Tina said in a trembling voice.

“Oh, you and your Prince Charming! Now even you married to him! I think it is better. At least now you would not have to see his strong muscles from far. Ha ha ha . Your relationship is improving day by day, although it is in your dreams. I think you will get a child also very soon at this pace.”

“Hey, Jasmine. Don’t make fun of me. I am not in a mood to listen to all your nonsense. I........…I am scared. What if all my dreams come true?”Tina said in a low voice.

“Oh dear, you are living in the twenty-first century. It is not possible to be with a prince. Now get up. We are already late. Have you forgotten what Miss Dyna told us yesterday? She will fire us if we will be late today. Go and wash up first. Don’t try to chase the dreams now. I am going to make breakfast. And yes………..don’t forget to wear the new dress and do some makeup.”Jasmine lectured Tina and left.

Tina sat down in a dizzy state.

'Why am I having the same types of dreams every day? Who was that man,who said that he loves me?Why the soldiers were chasing me when I was their queen?’Tina lost in deep thought.

“Tina, have you done? Breakfast is ready.”Tina came back to the present to hear Jasmine’s voice.

“Oh. Please, just wait for a minute. I will be there in a minute.”Tina said and left the bed hurriedly.

Tina Green, like her name she was also a commoner. Her mother worked as a maid in the households of the countryside. She lost her father when she was four years old. Her father was a mason, who died in an accident, while he was doing work in a building. After her father’s death, her mother raised her with so much difficulty. Although she had to work as a maid in different houses, but she never let Tina left her studies. She even sent Tina to City T, to study further. Tina Green was always a good student. That’s why she was able to do her master’s degree in business studies with flying colors. Tina as well as her mother thought that she would get a good job after getting her master’s degree. But was it that easy? Tina could never think that getting a job would be that difficult without any backing.

Although she applied for different jobs but got rejected every time. At last, she decided to work as a waitress in a restaurant with her friend. Jasmine was her high school friend. Who always helped her during her difficulties. They were more like sisters than friends.

The brother of the restaurant owner was going to throw a party on a beach that day. That’s why the owner, Miss Dyna instructed everyone to reach there in time. She gifted everyone with dresses to wear at the party.

“I am ready.”Jasmine heard Tina’s voice. She looked back. Jasmine stunned to see the beautiful girl in front of her. Her big deep black eyes and long golden - brown hair matched perfectly with the pink lace dress she was wearing. Her slender eyebrows with long velvety eyelashes and an elegantly straight nose were fitted well with her perfect white flawless skin. Her thin lips were looked sexy even without lipsticks. She was not less than a model.

“Oh My God! Tina, you are looking stunning in this dress. “Jasmine said in a surprised tone.

“Jasmine, you are not less than me. Don’t make fun of me.”Tina said with her pouted lips.

“No, Tina. What I am saying is true. Today you are looking so beautiful. I wonder what would happen to all the men today! They will surely die in your hand. Ha Ha.”Jasmine said with a loud laugh.

Tina too joined her.

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